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Cloud High Performance Computing

On-demand High Performance Computing


Cloud HPC optimized for your simulation code

  • Queue-less cloud HPC service (No waiting!)
  • Optimized system environment for your application
  • Unlimited computing server pool (more than 2000 simultaneous jobs)


Pay As You Go Supercomputing

  • Supercomputing with minimal investment
  • No Maintenance burden
  • No space required


Materials Bigdata

Simulation based Materials BigData carrying new paradigm to materials discovery researches, such as materials high throughput screening and artificial intelligence.
However, to generate materials BigData, large amounts of computational resources are required at least few hundreds.
MAXFlops provides optimized cloud computing servers that allow large amounts of data can be obtained simultaneously.


VAT is not included

CPU Server

($5 / Hr.)

  • Core : 36 Cores / Node
  • Memory : 144GB / Node36

GPU Server

($45.0 / Hr.)

  • GPU : 8 GPUs / Node (NVIDIA Tesla V100)
  • Graphic Memory : 16GB / GPU
  • Commercial Software License should be prepared in advance.
  • Software installation fee can be charged separately.
  • Following codes are provided by default and other codes(licensed commercial softwares, open source softwares and in-house codes) can be installed in your dedicated cloud HPC upon request. (An additional charge may be incurred)
    S/W Name Version Description
    LAMMPS 22 Aug 2018 Reax, Reax/c, MEAM, Poems (You can select additional libraries for free)
    Quantum Espresso V6.3 Older versions are also available!

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